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Colposcopy in Chicago, IL

Getting an abnormal Pap smear result can be frightening. But if your test results are indicative of a potential problem, it's important to pursue a diagnosis so that you can seek treatment if necessary. At Healthcare For Women The Office Of Dr. Lyndon Taylor MD in Chicago, IL, we perform colposcopy procedures in a warm and comforting setting designed to put our patients at ease.

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At Healthcare For Women The Office Of Dr. Lyndon Taylor MD, we understand that the idea of undergoing colposcopy may seem scary. That's why we take the time to explain how the procedure works and discuss what to expect at your appointment. During your colposcopy, every effort will be made to keep you as comfortable as possible. And should you experience any discomfort afterward, we'll be available to address your concerns.

When it comes to gynecological issues, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. So don't delay: Call our Chicago, IL office today for more information or to schedule your colposcopy appointment.

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